Saturday, March 15, 2014

GoNoodle... a Classroom Must!

A few weeks ago my class started our very own GoNoodle account and we are OBSESSED. We can't get enough of it! If you're new to GoNoodle, it's a website that is devoted to brain breaks and movement in the classroom. When I first joined, I was uneasy about when it would be okay to use it and how my kids would respond. We all know that sometimes when you turn on music and have the kids move around, you may be making the craziness worse. That is not the case with GoNoodle.

When you start an account you pick a mascot that will represent your class. As you choose exercises and complete minutes, you move on to new levels and your mascot gets bigger. The kids can't wait to see if we beat another level and they love watching McPufferson grow! It only takes 15 minutes to move on to a new level. When you reach the next level, the background changes too.

Before we started, I told them there were some rules that we had to follow.

  • Everyone has to participate or it won't work (teacher secrets hehe). 
  • You have to stand behind your chair.
  • You have to follow exactly what the brain break tells you to do (no jumping around when you should be doing Zumba!)
I was amazed that my kinder-firsts really follow along with the Zumba dances, the yoga poses and the different movements involved. It is a great way to get up out of our seats and have a brain break! There are a variety of videos on it so you can choose what best fits your class. Before we go to lunch every day, we have a "free dance" to the Happy song from Despicable Me 2, but before we start centers we do yoga to get us ready to focus.

At this time of year when we are all in desperate need of movement, GoNoodle is a total must. Last week a teacher at my school emailed everyone to apologize that her class may have sounded "rowdy" because they were trying to beat a level! I love it. 

GoNoodle will even send you a class pack of stickers with your mascots face on them! How fun is that?

Here are a few of the great breaks available! Go now and GoNoodle!

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