Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tactile Letters Help with Identification

One of things I love about my job is that I get to help students with reading deficiencies in hopes that they will surpass them.  It is fun to watch them grow through the years, especially when I start with them in Kindergarten.

Each year I begin working with kindergarten on letters and letter sounds.  I work with the teachers to make sure they are getting the same thing in the Reading Center as they do in the classroom.  One of my favorite things to do with them is use tactile methods for learning letters.  Here are a few we have used so far this year.

I bought these at the Dollar Tree last year.  They are tactile letter cards with glitter on them.
I made these for the students to use with Sharpie markers and glue.  It was really simple and easy to make them.  Plus, they are inexpensive to make.  I have also done with sight words for the older kids.

And of course, magnetic letters are also wonderful!

The students also have fun making the letters and saying the sounds.  The kindergarten teacher gets out the shaving cream quite often to make the letters, but I have not gotten that brave yet.  My space is more limited, so I find other ways to make letters.

We use play dough or clay to create the letters.
And another one of my favorites is to take hair gel and fill a plastic bag up with it.  The kids can write the letters "in the gel" and feel them.  They love when I get these out!
And, then there are pipe cleaners (now called chenille sticks).  We love to bend them up and make letters too.  We then use them for games as they hold up the letter when I say a word that starts with it.  So fun!
What are some other ways you help students learn letters and letter sounds in a fun and engaging way? 


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