Saturday, October 5, 2013

How do you track progress?

Hello Sparkle readers! We have a new little series of posts for you! This one is about how we track our student's progress. Be on the lookout for posts from a few of our authors on this topic.

Each school year I try to  find a better way to document data for progress monitoring.  Over the past 9 years I have talked to other teachers, scoured the internet, and made up my own resources. I have been secretly hoping that an app developer would come up with something (free or really cheap) that I could successfully use on my ipad, but no such luck yet.  If you do have a great ipad app for this please let me know!

These are some of the things I use to help me track data. 

1. Use the IEP goal pages: In the past I have kept a binder that had only the IEP goal pages for my students and made notes directly on the pages. I was able to then carry this binder around with me throughout the day. I always choose a binder that was a different color than the usual black or white so that it would stand out if I was looking for it.

2. Teacher created pages: I have made my own pages to document progress monitoring which include a column for the goal, date, notes, and progress code. I find transferring all of the goal information onto this page to be time consuming, but transferring information to the progress reports is fairly easy. If you would like to a copy of this page you can get it for free from this blog post.   You can also find tons on TPT and on other blogs.  Ones I have found to be helpful are at The Autism Tank and The Autism Helper.

3. A few years ago a friend suggested checking out the forms on Mrs. Perkins website. These are a fantastic resource for me in tracking sight words and letters. Her simple format made it easy for myself or a paraprofessional to assess student progress. I could also easily send the form home for parents to review.

4.  Another site I have found that has great sight word assessment sheets is A Special Kind of Class.  I love her sheets because she has even made one for our non-verbal kiddos.   I wrote a blog post discussing this a bit more.  You can find it here.

5. I also found Numberfly which was great for assessing students number recognition. I was able to also use a chart on the site to chart information to take to IEP meetings.

Some other websites I have found useful are:
Easy CMB:
Intervention Central:

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  1. It would be so nice, if they had some app where you could track progress towards goals easier (in all subject areas). It's pretty easy to track progress in math, letter, and word recognition, but other subject areas. Thanks for the tips and some good new resources.

    Resource Room Rules


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