Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hello from Rae! (Our Newest Author!)

 Hello Sparkle Readers, Lisa here!! I'm thrilled to announce the newest member of A Special Sparkle! We had a wonderful response to her guest post a while back, and we just had to invite her to become a permanent author. Please take a moment to read all about RAE!!!!


I'm Rae from Mindful Rambles, a blog about being a special needs teacher.
I'm so thankful and excited to be a new Sparkler on this fabulous collaborative blog. As an author of my own special needs blog, I look to other bloggers for advice, ideas, and humor to manage with our challenging, yet rewarding careers.  This blog in particular has been a refuge for me as I seek to understand and further develop my expertise. I hope, that as a contributing author of A Special Sparkle, I will provide you with helpful information, nifty tidbits, and some laughs, because we truly have the best jobs in the world.

Facts about me:
  • I am in my 8th year of teaching! My first 4 years in the teaching profession, I was an Early Childhood teacher, primarily with Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten students. After receiving my Initial Licensure in Moderate Disabilities from Wheelock College in Boston, I began working at a therapeutic day school for students with behavioral, social/emotional, and neurological disabilities. This is where my special education journey really started. At this school, I worked with students with a wide range of abilities and grades (2nd-6th). After 3 years working at this school, I left my position to pursue other opportunities. And so...the journey continues!
My Wheelock College Soccer Team - that's me 2nd to last in the 2nd row (in white, next to the Assistant Coach in dark blue)
  • In May of 2013, I graduate with my Masters in Science in Applied Behavior Analysis from Simmons College in Boston. In January 2014, I will be sitting for the BCBA exam. While I plan to use my degree and certification in the classroom for a few more years, I am excited to say that I'm not sure what the future holds! I've good, bad, and weird experiences as a special educator, and it is with these experiences that I would like to work to help other educators enhance their lives as teachers, using my degree in ABA. Did you know that ABA can be used for far more than Autism? Fun fact.

  • On June 21, 2013 I married my better half. Our day was magical, and not just because we got married in a castle! I could not have asked for more perfect weather, more perfect company, or a more perfect man. Whenever I need someone to cry with, complain to, or someone to kick me into gear, I know I can count on him. He is the reason I am where I want to be today - he has been with me since I started my teaching journey all the way back in Wheelock! 8 years later and we are stronger than ever!
Isn't he Movie Star Handsome?
  • Our married lives may have just started, but we have been parents for 5 years - to 3 beautiful furbabies!
  • Random fact about me: While I live in Boston, and have for 20 years, I am originally a North Dakota girl! Born in Grand Forks, and lived with my Grandparents in Hettinger, I will always call North Dakota my home. Though I've been on the East Coast for 3 times longer than in the Midwest, my accent just won't kick - but I'm proud of it! Always a Midwesterner at heart :)
Just some adorable North Dakota kids! I'm in the middle
I look forward to future blog posts and collaborating with all of you! Thank you for welcoming me into this new endeavor :)


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