Tuesday, October 8, 2013

5 Fun Free Inference Activities

Teaching students about inferences can be very tricky.  It requires higher order language as well as abstract reasoning skills.  What’s more, because these messages are hidden, answers are never obvious.   The good news is that many children can have fun learning about inferences because like hidden pictures, they can try to uncover the "secret or mysterious meaning."

Here are 5 Fun Free Engaging Activities that Teach Inferences:
1.     Watch television commercials and discuss the advertisements.  Ads almost always have hidden messages or inferences that are used to sell a product or idea.   What are they trying to sell?  What does the commercial do to make you want to purchase the product?
2.     Look through magazine advertisements and discuss the hidden messages.  Ads can imply a multitude of messages with the use of color, line, images, and words.
3.     Take pictures of billboards when driving in the car or search for billboards on the internet.  Again, look for the hidden messages or inferences that helps to sell a product, store or idea.
4.     Look at product names while at the grocery store and take a picture of them on the shelves.  Show the image to your students  and ask them if the product name makes you want to purchase the item.  What does the product name imply about the product?  If they don’t like the product name, see if they can come up with a better one.
5.     Look at business slogans.  Ask your students to uncover the hidden message or inference that is implied by the slogan.  You can even ask your students to come up with their own slogan for an item that they would like to sell.

If you are looking for a workbook or digital download filled with inference activities, consider downloading a free sample of my publication, Making Inferences:  The Fun and Easy Way


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