Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Leah's Voice: A Picture Book About Autism

One of the best ways to teach young children about life is through the use of picture books and stories. When I first started teaching students with autism 4 years ago, I was in shock that I could only find one picture book about autism!

This week I was lucky enough to be contacted by an author who wrote a book to teach acceptance and understanding about autism in a way children can easily understand. The book is Leah's Voice by Lori DeMonia. She ever so kindly sent me a copy of the book and I absolutely love it! It's a sweet story with adorable illustrations!

I've only had the book a week and I've already recommended it to a friend of mine! I play soccer with her and the day we met to play in our first game together, we realized I had actually worked with her son for a day when he visited my school last year. He's a sweet boy, but needs a lot of help some days. On Sunday, she was telling me how hard of a time she was having trying to explain things to other kids who come over for playdates with his siblings. This book is perfect for that! She was so excited to find a new book that can help make her life a little easier.

CLICK HERE to read my full interview with the author Lori DeMonia!

You can also read about her daughter who inspired the book and her talented art work HERE.

If you'd like to see the other picture book about autism (the only one I could find 4 years ago!), click the image below.


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