Sunday, August 25, 2013

Keeping up with related services

One of the more confusing things for me is figuring out and remembering who has which related service (OT, PT, speech, Vision, etc.) when.  I also have a few students who go to services outside of school so I need to remember when they might be leaving early or come in late.

To combat all of this confusion I made this chart.   On the left are the days of the week and on the top are the different services.  Each student is assigned a different color sticky note.  We put the students initials and the time of the the service on the sticky note and then just stick it to the chart. 
This provides a quick reference for me when setting up for the day.  This chart also allows for related services to come in and see if they could work with a student during another time to make up a service or rearrange the schedule. 

To protect confidentialty this chart does not hang out when it is visible by anyone.  It is in my desk area cubby hole (hopefully pictures will be up over at Learning Ahoy soon) .

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