Monday, August 26, 2013

Keeping it Organized

As a Title I reading specialist, I have to keep good records on my students to show progress.  This is imperative as we meet about students who are going through any types of intervention through RtI.  I wanted to share a little about how I keep it all organized on a day to day basis.

I have never had a teacher binder but had several binders with all I needed.  As I started delving into the world of teacher blogs and Pinterest, I saw them all over the place!  It made total sense to keep everything in one place instead of 5.  So, I made one to fit my needs.  Here is what it looks like and what is in it.

I found a freebie binder at the beginning of the year when everyone was cleaning out their rooms.  It was in perfect condition and big enough for what I needed.  I made a cute cover to match my theme with graphics from Michelle at The 3AM Teacher.

Here are the sections I included.
I have to keep my lesson plans for five years, so they are here for the year.
Keeping a record of everyone's attendance is very important for data collection!
I keep all of the testing data for each student here.  There is a tab for each grade level.  I change it out after each testing.
This is where I keep all of the data for each class after they complete their testing.  This helps me to compare students in an entire class throughout the year.  It is amazing how home life changes the learning at school!

I keep notes on every meeting I attend here or in the students' files.

I have to save "everything" we do throughout the year, but I find it hard to not let the kids take some of their hard work home.  I have a filing system to store the most important things in and file as we work. This way I can take students samples and assessments I administer to meetings.  Then at end of the year, I file it all away and get ready for the next year.

So, how do you keep life organized? 

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