Monday, August 19, 2013

Get It Together!

Organizing. The way I organize seems to be something that I update all the time. Using binders seems to be a method that works best for me. I have binders for everything:
Student Data
Lesson Plans
etc, etc, etc
I have copies of my binder cover sheets for for the 2013-2014 school year in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Being a speech-language pathologist, my lesson plans are written a little different than classroom teachers. In our district, we are not required to write lesson plans, however, I feel that they keep me organized and focused. Below is a sample screen shot of what my lesson plans look like. 
The very top has a section to jot down meetings, upcoming events, and notes. For the actual lesson plan, I use a 3 column table. The first column has my students' names and scheduled time. The second column has my lesson plan and the third has their IEP goals. The way I use this, only the middle column changes (that is until you update IEP goals.) I have found this to be an incredibly helpful way to stay focused un my planning. When the goals are right there, I can always make a conscious effort to include activities and lessons that incorporate their goals. If you want to be an over achiever, add a 4th column to list the common core standards that will be addressed in  your lesson as well. Talk about brownie points with the principal!

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