Monday, July 29, 2013

Visuals for Starting the Year.. with Freebies

Hey Everyone, Lisa here! I'm so glad you've been enjoying our Tips for New SPED Teachers series! Now through August we have a whole new set of ideas for you! Now you get to see our best ideas for the beginning of the year with our "Back to School with the Sparklers" series! Please email me using the contact form if you have a specific topic you'd like to see in this series!

HEATHER is going to get us started with a great post about visuals! So keep on reading!

Are you preparing for the 2013-2014 School Year yet?  If so, what visuals do you have prepared for your room?  I want to share some of my favorite visuals that I always have on hand, just in case. I find myself pulling them out often.

For Time Management, I pull out my countdown and my stoplight visuals.  The countdown allows you to tell a student that they have a set number of tasks to complete before being finished or earning something.  As they complete a task, you remove the top number to show how many are left.  If you put a strip of Velcro on the front and back, you can easily place the numbers there and then move to the back as you take them off.

With the stoplight one, you control the amount of time left. Visual timers are absolutely wonderful, but what if you aren't completely sure the exact amount of time until you are going to the convocation or until that guest speaker is coming?  You control the time by showing green, yellow, and red.  Then you remove from the top down.  I always start by showing all 3, so they know what comes next.  Do the same thing with the Velcro on front and back for this one also.

I have both of these free for you in my TPT store:

Another thing that I always have ready is an "I'm Working For..." Chart.  With this chart, the student earns some type of token on a chart (I use pennies,but you could use stickers or anything that the student would like).  Once they earn a set amount, they can earn some short privilege.  In my room, they would earn high fives, tickles, hugs, bounce on the ball 5 times, jump on the trampoline 10 times, and squeezes in the beanbag.  These are super easy to make on your own.  If you have access to Boardmaker, I use pictures off of there and just make it on construction paper.  I do have a cheap version with cute clipart from our very own Lisa Parnello.  You can check it out by clicking here. These are mine that were made with Boardmaker pictures.
This one is used for multiple students at one time.  Each student has to get 3 pennies to earn what they picked prior to starting.
This is for one person.
This is what the back of both of them look like.  The chart for only one child just has less pennies.  I use Velcro dots for the pictures and a Velcro strip for the pennies.
I always have Turn Taking cards ready to go also for those kids that need a visual to wait their turn.  I put a green on one side and a red on the other.  Most of the time I give each child one that says "My turn" and "Wait" on them.  The child is responsible for turning their card green side up when it is their turn and then red side up when they are finished with their turn.  This cues the next person that they are finished with their turn.  You can also just use one card and have a child use it to show "My Turn" and "Your Turn".  I will use these sometimes when I am teaching to show a student that they are waiting and that it is my turn to talk and teach. Guess what?  Another freebie for you!

I make many different visual schedules to meet the needs of each individual student.

These are some of my go-to visuals.  What visuals do you always have on hand in your room??

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