Friday, June 28, 2013

My Autism Day: App Review!

All you people out there who like to read blogs while you're standing in line (me), you may want to sit down for this app. If you've never used My Autism Day, you don't know what you're missing!

I'm obsessed with this app. It truly is a high quality app that is a lifesaver when it comes to data collection on your children or students with autism. I am "that teacher" with crates and binders full of data when I walk into a CSE meeting. This app contains all of that information in one place.

Here is a snapshot of the features, but since it is free, you should just download it and play around with it until you fall in love!

Daily Log
Broken down in to six puzzle pieces, the daily log allows you to track:
1. School: Meetings, phone calls, emails
2. Eye Contact: Frequency per minute and second
3. Behavior: Exclusive and repetitive behaviors, possible ways to join, areas of motivation and interest, moods, happiness and stress levels, sensory (broken down by auditory, visual, seek vestibular, seek proprioceptive, tactile sensitivity, sensory processing, tantrums, general behaviors
4. Activities: Play, sessions, free time, academic
5. Health: Appetite, medications, sleep patterns, sickness, treatments, diets
6. Goals: Personal goals, school/IEP goals, track time engaged, progress monitor, add notes

Care Givers
Pediatricians, physical therapists, occupational therapists, aides, teachers, nurses- you name it. Here you can track the whole team, the amount that they met with the child and the notes from the session.

Charts and Analysis
Here you can view all of the data that you have inputted in chart and analysis form. It is charted and ready to bring to parent meetings and CSE meetings.

Now for a little criticism:
This app doesn't have a feature that allows you to export all of this information and print it. 
This app doesn't have a feature for emailing data and information out of it.
This app has two typos in it! I emailed the creator and made them aware.

BUT for a completely free app, it really is user friendly and it does the job of getting all of your information all in one place. It also would be a good app to recommend to parents for their own notes and daily record keeping. 

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