Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hi Y'all, It's Andrea

Hi y'all!  Welcome to A Special Sparkle!  I am so excited to be a part of this fun collaborative blog!  I am coming over from Reading Toward the Stars.
Here is a little of my background.

I am a Southern girl who was born in Louisiana and moved to Virginia as a teenager.  I loved the beautiful mountains so much that I decided to stay while in college when my family moved back!  I also love the history Virginia has to offer!
I have been teaching in the same school for 16 years where I started as a long term sub in a fourth grade classroom.  It is a small rural Title I school with a large group of high needs students.  I taught fourth grade for 6 years and third grade for 8 years before moving to my current position as the Title I Reading Specialist.  It is a rewarding job where every moment of my day is different! 

I received my Bachelor's of Arts from Longwood College (now University) in 1997 and my Master's of Education with a concentration in Reading from the University of Virginia in 2010.  That led me to my current position, which is my dream job!

I believe that children learn best when they are able to use their own talents.  My lessons revolve around small groups with a great emphasis on hands-on learning.  The students in my little room are always busy in their thirty minute sessions.  Reading and "playing" are the keys to learning!

I have a wonderful family who stands behind me no matter what!  My marvelous husband of almost 12 years may think I am crazy with what I do, but he knows that I love it and supports me!  {And, yes, that is Thomas Jefferson in the back!  We have been to his houses enough that he is almost part of our family!}

I have two wonderful children, who are six and a half years apart and full of life!  They keep me busy, but I would have it no other way.

I began blogging in April 2012 as a way of helping me reflect on my own teaching practices and help others gain new ideas.  It is a journey that has made me a better teacher and led me to new friendships along the way!

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