Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hi everyone - it's Gabrielle!

Hi guys! I am Gabrielle from Teaching Special Thinkers. Welcome to A Special Sparkle!! I am so excited to be a part of this collaborative blog & to be a part of such a stellar cast of sped teachers!
Here is a little info about me:



I am a West Virginia University alum – Let’s go mountaineers!

I currently have my master’s degree – but I plan on going back to school very very soon for either administration or my doctorate in special education {I love being a professional student -- shh!}

I am certified in Multi-categorical Special Education {LD, BD, ID}, Autism, as well as Elementary Education & Early Childhood Education.

I have taught in both high school and elementary school settings – no middle school for this girl!

I am currently a special educator at an elementary school, and I have third and fourth grade students. I do a lot of co-teaching with several different teachers, but I am also still teaching in the resource setting as well.



I started my blog last August, and I have fallen in love with the blogging community – there so many amazing teachers out there and so many fabulous ideas!

I started my TPT store shortly after, and since have connected through Pinterest, Instagram {@teachingspecialthinkers}, & Twitter {@teachermrsdixon}

I have also been dabbling in blog design – my experimenting is shown through this beauty!

My teaching style is very hands-on. I am always using some type of manipulative for a lesson to engage my students. On my blog, you will find tons of strategies to use in the classroom, as well as loads of organizational tips to help you stay ahead of that awful paper trail! I am also writing a summertime series called "Be Proactive" that focuses on staying ahead of the game as a special educator.


I am a newlywed {July 28th will make it a year!}.

No kiddos or fur babies ----- yet! But I do thoroughly enjoy spoiling my nieces, nephews, & little cousins!

I have the most amazing support system ever - love my family & friends!

I love to shop, thrift, craft, travel, garden, play outdoors, and uplift old things.

Thank you for joining all of us at A Special Sparkle!
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