Saturday, June 22, 2013

Hello from Caitlin!

Hi Everyone!

I am Caitlin author of the blog Learning Ahoy!!  I started my blog a little over 2 years ago and am amazed about how it has grown and the wonderful new people I met.  I have learned so much already from other teachers around the world and hope that continues.  I also have a Facebook page, Twitter account, TPT, and Teacher's Notebook store, and Pinterest.  I would love if you would stop by!

Professional:  I have a B.S. in Special and Elementary education.  I am hoping to start my Master's very soon.    started teaching in 2005.  I began teaching grades 2/3 special education where I would start with 2nd graders and loop up to 3rd with them.  The classroom was considered cross-categorical.  I enjoyed it, but was not completely happy in that position.  In 2008 I was hired by my current school district as K-2 special education teacher.  I must say, I LOVE my job.  I teach primarily adapted curriculum to students with moderate to severe disabilities.  I do some pull-out instruction, but I also usually get to co-teach at least one subject a year.  In 2010, I was named Teacher of the Year.  I have also be awarded multiple grants through the district.  I love teaching special education and would not trade it for any other profession.

Personal:  I am  Jersey Girl who moved to VA in search of a job.  I met my husband my 2nd year here and we were married in 2007.  We have 3 little boys (A, B, & C at least that is what I call them when I blog.) ages almost 7, 4, and 13 months.  I must say they keep us on our toes.  A is diagnosed under the Autism umbrella with PDD-NOS and has made HUGE strides the past few years.

I am so excited to be starting this new blogging adventure with a bunch of fantastic professionals in the field of special education.  There is so much we can learn from each other and from our readers.

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