Saturday, June 22, 2013

Dr. Erica Warren Introduction

Hi, I'm Dr. Erica Warren.  I'm the author of the blog, Learning Specialist Materials, a place where teachers, therapists and parents can find expert advice, freebies as well as multisensory and mindful educational products.  

Aside from publishing my educational materials, I work one-on-one with students after school as a personal trainer for the brain.  Here I teach students mindful and multisensory learning strategies, study skills, and I reteach complex or confusing topics using games and other fun manipulatives.  Furthermore, I help students to strengthen deficit areas with cognitive exercises and offer remediation in the areas or reading, writing, math and executive functioning. 

My passion is to ignite a love for learning and transform discouraged learners into encouraged life long learners.

I live in the Hudson Valley with my two dogs Butter and Blueberry.

I look forward to contributing to this growing community.

Cheers, Erica
Making Learning Fabulously Fun
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