Sunday, June 23, 2013

Conversation Chart FREEBIE!!

Hey Guys! It's Lisa!

I've been working with kids who have autism for the last few years and holding a conversation is one of their biggest challenges. They often jump into a conversation without warning, then suddenly disappear in the middle of it without ever really ending the conversation. Sometimes their friends are in the middle of a sentence when they just walk away.

One thing I've learned is that structure is the key to their success! They love having some sort of format to follow for what is "expected." I've learned my students are capable of a whole lot when I just give them a pattern to follow. While no conversation is exactly the same, I created this little chart to help them see the basic pattern of a conversation.

It's copied twice on the same page to save paper and it is small enough that it could be taped on a wall or table as a reference poster. Included is a second version with an extra column so students can receive points (tally marks) for performing the behaviors on the chart. This helps as positive reinforcement for the desired social behaviors. Enjoy!!


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