Thursday, June 27, 2013

Apps for Organization

Organization is always one of my biggest challenges in the classroom and as special educator there is a lot of paperwork that needs to be completed and kept track of. I am also constantly thinking about or finding new things I want to try out in my classroom. In the past, I have had sticky notes everywhere to help me with this, but now I find that I have been depending on my iPadBaby using ipad more and more in helping me keep all this information straight.  The iPad is so user friendly (Even a baby can do it!!) that I feel most educators can benefit from having one in their classroom.  The following is a list of apps that I have found very useful in this task and best off all, they are all free.

CloudOn: This app allows me to connect to my Dropbox account, Google account and other types of accounts and edit files on my iPad. I am actually using it to type up this article. I am able to use word, excel, and PowerPoint. Not all of the features are available, but there is enough that I can easily work on a document.

DropBox: Speaking of DropBox, I use the Dropbox app daily. I have it installed on my iPad, school computer, home computer and iPhone. It enables me to easily move my files among computers without having to remember a USB drive or emailing it to myself. Dropbox also allows me to share folders and documents with others. If you would Like to try out Dropbox, I created a tutorial that may help you get started. You can view it by clicking here.

CamScanner:  I use this app to save my students work. For example, when my student completes a worksheet I want to save I used to have to make a copy of it and then add it to my data folder. Now with this app I can take a picture and then save it to my student’s folder. I can even zoom in on a particular part, add comments, the date, etc. I can then view it on my iPad when I am working on IEP progress notes or conferencing with a
parent. I also use this map to save print magazine or journal articles that I want to save for later.

Notes: This is an app that comes with the iPad and I use it all the time. I find it most helpful when I am observing a student and want to take notes. It dates things for me and I can email the notes to myself or print them out. I can also use it during meetings to
take notes and then email those notes to all of the participants.

Pinterest: I am sure I don't even need to mention this one, but I love it for keeping all of those ideas I find on the Internet organized. I also find a lot of new ideas just by searching within the app. I am able to view what I have saved on my iPad, school computer or home computer.



  1. Thanks for these! I have never heard of CloudOn! Going to DL it right now on all my devices. I absolutely love dropbox. Such a great security in case your computer dies too!

    1. One of my co-workers introduced me to CloudOn. It is not my 1st choice, but it works and is portable. Thanks for reading!!

  2. Thanks so much for sharing these! I'll have to look into CloudOn and I just got CamScanner- where has that been all my life?! I so needed that this past year for a student. Now I'll just copy everything if I need to and not worry about it. Genius!! I love this blog as I'm a general ed teacher who works with these special friends a lot in my room (I'm all for inclusion as long as the student and myself have the support needed to make it happen)and I want to do the best for them that I can. Thanks again!
    Mrs. Landry's Land of Learning

    1. I so glad that you found these useful!

  3. This gives me another reason for purchasing an IPad for myself! :-)

    A Tender Teacher for Special Needs


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