Thursday, June 27, 2013

Apps for Organization

Organization is always one of my biggest challenges in the classroom and as special educator there is a lot of paperwork that needs to be completed and kept track of. I am also constantly thinking about or finding new things I want to try out in my classroom. In the past, I have had sticky notes everywhere to help me with this, but now I find that I have been depending on my iPadBaby using ipad more and more in helping me keep all this information straight.  The iPad is so user friendly (Even a baby can do it!!) that I feel most educators can benefit from having one in their classroom.  The following is a list of apps that I have found very useful in this task and best off all, they are all free.

CloudOn: This app allows me to connect to my Dropbox account, Google account and other types of accounts and edit files on my iPad. I am actually using it to type up this article. I am able to use word, excel, and PowerPoint. Not all of the features are available, but there is enough that I can easily work on a document.

DropBox: Speaking of DropBox, I use the Dropbox app daily. I have it installed on my iPad, school computer, home computer and iPhone. It enables me to easily move my files among computers without having to remember a USB drive or emailing it to myself. Dropbox also allows me to share folders and documents with others. If you would Like to try out Dropbox, I created a tutorial that may help you get started. You can view it by clicking here.

CamScanner:  I use this app to save my students work. For example, when my student completes a worksheet I want to save I used to have to make a copy of it and then add it to my data folder. Now with this app I can take a picture and then save it to my student’s folder. I can even zoom in on a particular part, add comments, the date, etc. I can then view it on my iPad when I am working on IEP progress notes or conferencing with a
parent. I also use this map to save print magazine or journal articles that I want to save for later.

Notes: This is an app that comes with the iPad and I use it all the time. I find it most helpful when I am observing a student and want to take notes. It dates things for me and I can email the notes to myself or print them out. I can also use it during meetings to
take notes and then email those notes to all of the participants.

Pinterest: I am sure I don't even need to mention this one, but I love it for keeping all of those ideas I find on the Internet organized. I also find a lot of new ideas just by searching within the app. I am able to view what I have saved on my iPad, school computer or home computer.

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